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Are you looking to sell REAL ESTATE…

For those friends who are considering selling their Home or Auburn Area Real Estate,Todd Post has instructed his sales of professionals to give you, at NO COST or obligation, a Free Real Estate Market Assessment of your property to let you know EXACTLY where your house value stands in this often volatile real estate market.

The very same advice that some of those other real estate agents charge up to $250. for, is NOW FREE for you! With our compliments.

And while that is a big savings already, it pales in comparison to the value our experience brings to each sales transaction to save, AND MAKE, you even more.

Experience to help you get the very most you can from your largest, but most personal, investment and help further protect your assets for you.

  • Experience to help you get the highest offers...
  • Experience to bring in the quickest sale...
  • Experience to help you avoid extra UNCALLED FOR expenses that can be associated with property sales.
  • All the while paying some of the very lowest commissions in the county and even the state.

As the old saying goes; If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur.

Be Sure Post Realty Is On YOUR Side…

Regardless which side of the table you are on, be sure to have Post Realty sitting beside you. We weren't voted Best In The County 7 years in a row for nothing after all. An honor of which we are VERY proud, and because it is results directly from YOUR VOTES, it means more than any other award we receive from the Real Estate industry.

For that, we say THANK YOU!, to all our present friends, customers, and yes, even competitors, for gracing us with your confidence and votes. We pledge to work hard FOR YOU and to continue being the Best Real Estate Agency in Auburn and Cayuga County for a long time to come.

And we welcome all the new friends that are transferring into or relocating to the Auburn and Cayuga County Real Estate Market.

We hope you find the answers you are looking for during this visit to the new and improved PostRealty.Net and look forward to helping you find that exciting piece of real estate designed especially for you.

Still have Questions?

But if you still have questions, we are the only Realtor to answer those questions, again for no cost or obligation in our new FAQ section, CLICK HERE for Auburn Real Estate FAQ It's just a couple friends talking about Real Estate and one of them happens to be the owner of the OFFICIAL Best Real Estate Agency in Cayuga County.

Why NOT use the BEST? Isn't it GREAT to drive the Cadillac, but pay the Chevy prices?